Bikini Wax  | 20
This is simply a ‘tidy up’ that removes the hairs from just outside the panty line, and from the top that might peek over the waistband.

Extended (French) Bikini  | 35
This removes all of the hair that would be taken off with the standard bikini, but also an inch inside the panty line. This type of waxing is good for those who want to keep some hair down there, but want it to look neat.

Mediterranean  | 40
This takes most the hair from the front, leaving just a ‘landing strip’ on top and the hairs on the labia. This wax doesn’t touch the areas behind, so is perfect for those looking to be smooth up front, without removing any hair from the back.

Brazilian  | 50
The Brazilian wax is just about as far as you can go with bikini waxing, and is the style to go for if you don’t want any hair left down there at all. It completely removes hairs from both the front and back. Landing strip is optional.

Brazilian Maintenance  | 45
Pre-Booked at first Brazilian Wax appointment. 

Buy 3 – Get 1 Free
Buy 6 – Get 2 Free
Packages Are Pre-paid Only


The Peach Smoothie Vajacial Treatment – Ingrown Hair Treatment   |  40 

Helps with ingrowns, pigmentation and acne issues. Recommended 2 weeks after waxing or 1 week after shaving for best results. Cleanse, chemical exfoliation, mask, extractions, high frequency, and finipil to soothe and protect skin.

Full Leg  |  65 

Half Leg  |  35 

Half Leg and Bikini  |  55 

Full Leg and Bikini  |  85 

Full Back  |  65 

Half Back  |  35 

Chest  |  55 

Full Arm  |  45 

Half Arm  |  30 

Underarm  |  20 

Brows  |  20

Lip  |  10

Chin  |  10

Neck  |  10

Nose  |  10

Cheeks  |  10

Chin & Neck  |  15

Full Face – Brow, lip, Chin/Neck, Cheeks  |  50

  • Do not wax if you have tanned within 24 hrs.
  • Please allow at least 1/4" hair growth before waxing.
  • Do not wax on sunburned skin.
  • Do not wax if you are using Accutane or Retin A.
  • Stop use of AHAs, glycolic, exfoliators, or salicylic acid 3 days prior to and after waxing.
  • Abolutely NO waxing on open sores or lesions.